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Who am I?

Recent college grad, if education defines me. Financier, if work defines me. Self-taught programmer, if learning defines me. And I can go on and on. I love swimming with sharks, and I very much enjoy my cat’s company.

Jean, in the Extened About below, made a good point. She said, when we were in school, the assignments governed the goal of writing. The act of writing at one’s leisure, however, is different. There’s no goal. Rather, it’s an emotional process that bridge Point A to Point B.

I started this blog to memorialize those bridges. I feel liberated and at peace after writing each post.

I see that you’ve stumbled upon here, feel free to say hello anytime.

Extended About Vol. 1 (February 2016)

On a sunny winter afternoon, I met with Jean, my first year English professor, at a French café in the Greenwich Village. I hadn't seen Jean for a couple of years, but there, I confessed to her my regrets in my choice of majors and anxieties about the upcoming graduation. I double majored in Business with a concentration in Statistics and Honors Mathematics at NYU, taking advantage of the well-reputed Stern Business School and Courant Math. But it wasn't until my last semester that I discovered the true elegance of classical literature and Middle Eastern histories (though I would not say that my interests are specifically limited to those two topics). I found myself more focused and driven in studying for those two subjects. In retrospect, I was learning, for myself, for the sake of learning, devoid of the futile mentality of getting by for good grades.

All of a sudden, my “regrets” and “uneasiness” all made sense, as though school was three and a half years in limbo. As I sat in the tiny stool in my thick down coat with a hot cup of coffee in front of me, I realized, and as Jean had told me, that real learning has just begun .

I described this strange feeling of finishing college without a sense of fulfillment. That is not to say I feel unaccomplished in terms of academics and leadership – I started a student club in my first semester devoted to the game of Go; I evangelized business / data analytics at Stern; I completed several Master level mathematics courses, and so on.

I want to learn so much more, I told Jean. Yes - I want to learn so much more. This blog is part of that effort, memorializing my attempts in learning more. Here, you’ll find a bit of everything: work related topics include general finance and economics; personal topics include diving, snorkeling, swimming, yoga; and most importantly, this blog contains what I call, “free-my-mind” pieces, in which I contemplate and reflect.