Free My Mind, Vol 2 (Apr '17)

This month's theme is meditation and mindfulness. I went on a 3-day retreat in Upstate New York. More on that later. Forward to a friend if you think they'll like this newsletter.

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Podcasts I've been listening to

If you’ve listened to any podcasts this month, you probably have heard of #trypod. Podcast hosts are asking their listeners to share their favorite podcasts with friends. Here are the ones I’m listening to this month:

I’ve also realized that I’m late to the podcast game, as much as I hate to admit. I’ve missed out on these popular podcasts:

Breaker: The New Podcast App

This is more of an FYI than go-get-this-now. Breaker is a new hyped-up podcast app advertised on Product Hunt. Think of it as the child of Overcast and Twitter. It shows what podcasts users subscribe and listen to. You can follow others to discover new podcasts. There are also comment features for podcast episode.

You can find me @janet on the breaker app. I mainly use it for new podcast delivery. I’m still using Overcast for podcast listening. Let’s not talk about the associated privacy issue. We are about to open a can of worms. 😌

Besides podcasts, I'm also listening to...

Goldlink (Genre: hip hop) Favorite tracks: Meditation, Crew, Bedtime Story Kaytranada 99.9 (Genre: hip hop) Old but good


I posted more photos from my travel, all taken on an iPhone 7. See them here. Kuala Lumpur in One Day [Tides of Phi Phi] (/tides-of-phi-phi)

Be a better person

I have many thoughts (no pun intended) on my meditation retreat with the Won Dharma Center, some of which I am not ready to share.

The mind being a pond is an analogy that was repeated throughout the weekend by different ministers. Unsettled mind is like a pond with ripples. One cannot see through the water to see what’s underneath. The teaching goes, to really understand oneself, one needs to maintain a calm mind and let the thoughts (ripple) settle.

I wondered what was at the bottom of my rippled, thought-filled mind. Fish, perhaps, or sand. I wasn’t sure. I started to remind myself what I saw in the ocean when I went diving.

One of the animation in the Headspace app talks about the same analogy. It points out the obvious, forgotten truth. It’s not all good that we will find in our mind just because it settles. We’ll also find fear, anger, jealousy - you get the idea.

I’ll have to sit on this idea. See you next month.

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