Kuala Lumpur in One Day

After leaving Thailand, I had less than 24 hours in Kuala Lumpur before I flew back to New York. Too lazy to do my research, I followed Fathom Away's guide to eat my way through the city. I'm not a foodie. Either am I am a zealous tourist. I chose my offbeat path. I had some pretty food photos at the end of the day. Enjoy.

10:18 AM

Mansion Tea Stall. Masjid Jamek stop. Food was good. Quite different from the Indian food I’ve had in New York. However, the soft-boiled eggs later proved to be problematic. Avoid at all cost if you have a weak stomach. Get the Roti Canai (without eggs). Teh Terik, an Indian milk tea, was delicious but was served hot in 90+ degree weather. I poured some ice over it to make an iced drink.

Mansion Tea Stall in Little India. Canai special + Teh Terik
11:21 AM

Coconut rice was excellent. The cucumbers were refreshing in a hot day.

Nasi Lemak at stalls near Dang Wangi station
11:54 AM

The half-boiled eggs had taken a toll on me. Yut Kee was a few blocks from the aforementioned Nesi Lamek stalls. I realized that I walked past it on my way from Mension Tea Stall. I would have grabbed a cup of Kopi before heading to Nasi Lemak stalls. I felt silly following the guide so closely. Kopi was dark and sweet.

Yut Kee: Ice Coffee + Marble Cake
1:12 PM

Petronas Towers to Kuala Lumpur is like Empire State to New York City. And no, I did not visit the Observatory.

Petronas Towers
Petronas Towers From Suria Shopping Mall 3rd floor
5:07 PM

Quick stop at Islamic Arts Museum of Malaysia.

Islaic Arts Museum, Malaysia
I liked the Domes
My favorite was the recording of an Imam chanting the Ko'ran
6:49 PM

Lot 10, food stalls under a roof.

Quite different from the Hokkien Mee that I read: spicy, brothy
Air Bandung: sugary rose water milk tea
National Dish of Singapore, Hainan Chicken: texture, soy-sauce, tender

I ventured my way into the famous Jalan Alor food street. I bought a durian which cost me about 10 USD. It’s an acquired taste. Unfortunately I did not enjoy it personally.

Jalan Alor, durians
8:27 PM

Free drinks for ladies before 11 PM on Wednesdays at Trader’s Hotel Sky Bar. I was there. They served gin and juice.

View from Trader's Hotel Sky Bar